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Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk


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  • Skating
    When I am on skates, I feel invincible. It is me, wheels, movement, and music. Everything else just fades away. It started when I was seven. I lived on skates […]
  • Quit
    I have so many reasons to quit writing. I have people depending on me. I love my job, the people, and I want to keep growing. I want to keep […]
  • Leaves
    Leaves. Leave. Leaving. They exit their trees gracefully. What if all exits were graceful and all ends expected? The leaves are on a timer. So are we all. Our timer […]
  • Fall
    Fall is an ice cream sundae on fire. Underneath the fire, there is a crystal cold making it’s way to the surface of everything. On top, is the generous sprinkle […]
  • Season
    My team member, as he left the office today for the last time, headed for his new career adventure, told me we had a good season together. It made me […]
  • Sunkissed
    When the sun kisses my hair through the breeze cracks of a shade bearing tree, I feel beautiful. The sun nor the tree care about how old I am, for […]
  • Presenting
    For the first time in three years, I gave an in-person presentation at work. My team helped me craft and deliver it, and we shared our passion for our work, […]
  • Band
    Next to a field of wildflowers, under the last of the summer moons, we hosted a bonfire for my son’s marching band. As diverse as those flowers, the musicians gathered […]
  • Mom
    Mom, mom, MOM, moooooommmmmm, I hear amidst the din of Saturday Costco shoppers. I’m hiding in the dairy, an old milk maid soothing a hot flash. They want to spend […]
  • Sight
    Time has drawn shadows around my eyes. Lines etch memories around my smile. I can still cartwheel though in an open field on a sunny day, dandelions tickling my ankles. […]

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