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  • They Don’t Look at Me Anymore
    They don’t look at me anymore because I’m not a “miss” But they miss the woman I have become I’m more than my lines that would be art if etched […]
  • Spartans
    are Spartans, bright and strong.  You cannot mute our warrior song. When one of us falls, we fall as one.  Then we rise together, never undone.
  • U2
    We are coming up on a year without my dad. My heart feels heavy, so I’ve been listening to U2’s Joshua Tree a lot. I have such a vivid memory […]
  • To My Dad, Nearly One Year After His Last Birthday
    Note: I wrote and read this to my dad on his birthday nearly a year ago. He passed away in February. I would give anything to read it to him […]
  • To Be
    I stare into the dusk wondering if life is a collection of moments or are my moments a collection of me. A bird bobs and weaves on the line of […]
  • Skating
    When I am on skates, I feel invincible. It is me, wheels, movement, and music. Everything else just fades away. It started when I was seven. I lived on skates […]
  • Quit
    I have so many reasons to quit writing. I have people depending on me. I love my job, the people, and I want to keep growing. I want to keep […]
  • Leaves
    Leaves. Leave. Leaving. They exit their trees gracefully. What if all exits were graceful and all ends expected? The leaves are on a timer. So are we all. Our timer […]
  • Fall
    Fall is an ice cream sundae on fire. Underneath the fire, there is a crystal cold making it’s way to the surface of everything. On top, is the generous sprinkle […]
  • Season
    My team member, as he left the office today for the last time, headed for his new career adventure, told me we had a good season together. It made me […]

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