Kelly Rogers

Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk


When I am on skates, I feel invincible. It is me, wheels, movement, and music. Everything else just fades away.

It started when I was seven. I lived on skates in the summer and was a rink rat during the winter. I discovered it was the perfect thing for Midwesterners to do all four to eight seasons we may have per year.

Eventually the skates sat in the closet, and I moved on to more cool endeavors. I did not skate again until I joined a roller derby team after my third child.

It probably sounds cool that I was a roller derby mom of three. It was, but the truth is, I wasn’t that good at it…except for the skating part. I was a figure skater trying to hit, block, and jam. I was all grace, no fight. So, I retired and gave my skates to a young woman who needed them.

Fast forward to eight years later. My friend asked me to go skating with her. I was skeptical I could do it anymore. My muscles are different. My mood is different. I hesitated, wanting to claim I was too old.

Skating. When I put those rented skates on, something sparked in my heart. I’m still that girl wanting to see the world while on wheels. I’m still that younger woman who believes she can do anything on skates.

I’m thinking of starting a local skate club for women like me. It could be me, wheels, movement, music, and new friends. Skating is life.


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