Kelly Rogers

Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk


My team member, as he left the office today for the last time, headed for
his new career adventure, told me we had a good season together. It made me
happy, but it also challenged my notion of a season.

I live in Michigan to fully experience the four seasons of nature. I get how
those work. Sometimes we joke that we have 1st Winter, 2nd Winter, Sprinter,
etc., challenging the notion of four seasons itself. I still understand their
composition, and the trials and tribulations of the weather, holidays, and
expectations each natural season holds. I have never considered a personal or
professional season. My seasons of 2022 exploded inside my head and heart as I
stood there sending my team member off with a mix of sadness and joy. He was
headed into a season of adventure and growth.

In 2022, I had a season of extreme loss and grief. I had a season of professional accomplishment. I had a season of personal failure. I’m currently having a season of cancer…again. The beginning and end of these seasons have not always been clear, and some have returned as if they never ended. The commonality of my seasons is that they involve a stable cast of lovable, interesting characters I call my family, dear friends, and treasured colleagues. They also involve some level of joy and hope, even through the tough seasons.

I’m currently in the middle of marching band season, which I get to experience with my kids. It involves both a natural season, fall, and a personal season, proud parenting. I’m planning a writing season, too, so I can put a book out into the world. I hope whatever season you are having, you get through it with your cast of characters. They are what will make every season worth living.


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