Kelly Rogers

Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk


For the first time in three years, I gave an in-person presentation at work. My team helped me craft and deliver it, and we shared our passion for our work, which ultimately helps special education students in our state.

Driving into the office that morning, I had the worst nerves. I had forgotten how to be in front of people. I only recently transitioned to working a few days in office by joyful choice. Sharing space is much different than getting up in front of it.

As my words began and slides transitioned behind me, I remembered the feeling of connection that comes from eye contact, facial expressions indicating interest, and people energy pulsing in a room. My words and those of my team members mattered. The words gave us power that could be used for good.

When I write this weekend, I will remember that power. I know some women start to feel irrelevant in workplaces as they age. If you have felt that way, I implore you to consider yourself at your most powerful. You have wisdom, time and trial tested instinct, and a fierceness that is beautiful to behold. You just need to use your words and own that room.


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