Kelly Rogers

Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk

Night Cream

I wear night cream on my face during the day. Whenever anybody complains about aging and their looks, asking for tips, this is what I give them.

Do I truly think it works? No, or rather, I don’t know if it does because I’m too busy living to count the lines.

After I post this, my socials are going to fill with ads about fixing my ancient face. Bring it. My night cream is a $30 container that will last a year. I’m spending $0.08 per day for the promise of a miracle reversal of all the life I have lived. I was from a generation that used baby oil in the sun. Some of this is not going away.

So why do I do it? It feels good on my face. It’s a moment of care that reminds me I have a face to touch. This face is still telling my story with its expressions and memory lines. Applying night cream during the day gives me a moment of silence to be grateful for a new day. And this new day will bring me new storylines on my face. This is the miracle, not the cream.

I use Mad Hippie by the way. Great vegan line!


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