Kelly Rogers

Writer focused on fiction for middle-aged women with spunk

The Novel Pitch

Here is what I am working on this morning over a coffee flight.

Elizabeth Benet Grey, named after her mother’s favorite Jane Austen character, finds herself tumbling into the trials of middle age with the unfulfilled dream of writing a great American novel. As her life starts to unravel, she convinces a trendy new bookshop to let her host a writing group for women called the Queens of Quill. Elizabeth is not prepared for the coffee-fueled drama she is about to unleash on herself and the town as the Queens assemble. From young, wild Winnie who spends half her writing time crafting viral social media posts to Margaret, an elderly debutante who can barely stay awake during hers, the Queens find themselves becoming more intrigued about each other’s lives than their writing. Can Elizabeth keep the group and her word goals on track, or will she succumb to yet another failure in her life? Elizabeth just might start to believe the greatest story to be told is the one in which you are living.


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